Dominion Energy Ohio Reminds Customers, General Public of Their Key Roles in Promoting Pipeline Safety

CLEVELAND, March 15, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- While Dominion Energy Ohio works daily to operate a safe, reliable natural gas distribution system, the company reminds customers and members of the general public that they also play key roles in the pipeline safety process.

Dominion Energy Ohio officials note that the public can help by using the company's various safety reporting processes. For example: 
  • If You See Something, Say Something: Dominion Energy Ohio reminds customers and members of the public to call (800) 684-8486 immediately if they observe any suspicious person or activity around company pipeline or facilities.
  • Call before You Dig: Thinking about digging in your yard? Ohio law requires individuals or contractors to contact the FREE service of the Ohio Utilities Protection Service (OUPS) at 8-1-1, at least two business days before digging. OUPS will notify all member utilities with underground facilities in that particular area. The utilities will have their lines marked so that excavation work can be completed safely. Dig-ins from third parties -- either individuals or contractors – is the leading cause of major damage to underground natural gas lines.
  • Your Senses Can Help Detect a Natural Gas Leak: If you do smell an odor of natural gas or suspect a gas leak, leave the area immediately – and take others with you. From a safe distance, call Dominion Energy Ohio's 24-hour emergency service at (877) 542-2630. The company adds a chemical odorant commonly known as mercaptan, which smells like sulfur, to help customers and the public detect potential leaks. In addition to the telltale odor, leaks can be detected by: a hissing sound; a steady stream of bubbles on the surface of puddles or ponds, or water or dirt being blown into the air; dead grass or plants in an area where there is a gas line; or a fire coming from the ground or burning above it.

Dominion Energy Ohio considers it an emergency if there is an odor of gas or if none of the natural gas appliances are working.

  1. DO NOT attempt to locate the natural gas leak.
  2. DO NOT turn any electrical switches, appliances or lights on or off, or unplug electrical appliances when there is a strong gas odor.
  3. DO NOT use telephones or cell phones in the area of a strong gas odor.
  4. DO NOT operate vehicles or power equipment where leaking gas may be present.
  5. DO NOT smoke or use lighters, matches or other open flames.
  6. If fire is present, Dominion Energy Ohio advises customers not to attempt to put out fires or operate pipeline valves. Call your fire department.

Use Appliances Safety:

As with any mechanical equipment, natural gas appliances need regular inspection and maintenance by a qualified professional.

  1. To ensure maximum safety, efficiency and economy, Dominion Energy Ohio recommends an annual inspection by a qualified contractor. As a secondary line of defense, customers should consider installing a carbon monoxide detector.
  2. Dominion Energy Ohio recommends that customers avoid pinching or crimping flexible gas connectors because they may damage these connectors. Any uncoated brass connectors should be replaced immediately with either a new plastic-coated brass or stainless steel connector approved by the American Gas Association. Any connector can wear out from too much moving, bending or corrosion.

Home Gas Line Safety:

Dominion Energy Ohio is responsible for the service line, which connects the natural gas mainline to the meter, and the meter itself. Customers must maintain natural gas house lines, which run from the outlet of the gas meter to the various appliances. Any costs for inspection, maintenance, repair or replacement of your house lines, including buried house lines, are the customer's responsibility.                   

Other Home Safety Tips:

  1. Keep combustible materials away from furnaces, water heaters, ranges or other appliances.
  2. Clean dirt and dust from underneath and around appliances, for maximum safety and efficiency.
  3. Don't tamper with or obstruct the gas meter, whether it's located inside or outside the home. Also, never use a gas meter as a hanger, a bike post or for any other purpose.
  4. Customers should be sure to have a working smoke detector on each floor of their home to alert families of danger. Check the detectors monthly and change the batteries yearly.
  5. House numbers should be posted clearly on the home or mailbox. Obscured or missing house numbers can cause a delay in locating a home during an emergency.

With proper use and maintenance, customers will continue to enjoy safe and efficient use of their natural gas appliances. For more pipeline and natural gas safety information, go to 


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