Dominion Energy Receives Two Awards from Edison Electric Institute for Storm Restoration Work

- Emergency Assistance Award for Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria
- Emergency Recovery Award for March 1, 2018 Nor'easter wind storm

SAN DIEGO, June 8, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Dominion Energy's vast experience in efficient and safe storm restoration work was recognized Tuesday as it was presented with two awards from Edison Electric Institute (EEI). It was honored with the 2018 Emergency Assistance Award for Puerto Rico Power Restoration for its contributions to the unprecedented emergency power restoration mission in Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria, and the Emergency Recovery Award for its work on the March 1, 2018 Nor'easter wind storm.

"These awards go to the men and women at Dominion Energy who work tirelessly every day to keep energy flowing to homes and businesses," said Robert M. Blue, president and CEO, Power Delivery Group. "But the aftermath of damaging storms is when their skills and compassion for our customers are even more evident."

Hurricane Maria made landfall as a Category 4 in Puerto Rico on September 20, 2017, impacting all critical infrastructure, damaging at least 80 percent of the island's energy grid, and leaving all residents without power. Dominion Energy was one of many electric companies from the mainland that provided mutual assistance to the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA).

The company sent 80 lineworkers and 55 company vehicles to the island. Crews worked 14-hour days for four weeks restoring power to nearly 2,000 customers in some of the harshest conditions imaginable. They overcame rough terrain, high temperatures and intense humidity to set 226 new poles and replace more than 14 miles of wire.

"Helping in Puerto Rico was both a privilege and an honor," said Blue. "We sent our crews and equipment to assist in a monumental and historic restoration effort. But foremost for us was providing relief, support and comfort to the good people of Puerto Rico. Our crews went there to help and they came home humbled and grateful for the experience."

"The power restoration effort in Puerto Rico was a massive and unprecedented mission, and electric companies from across the country, including Dominion Energy, responded to the call for help," said EEI President Tom Kuhn. "The electric power industry pulled together with one goal in mind, to restore power to the people of Puerto Rico – it truly was one team, one mission. Dominion Energy is deserving of this recognition for providing tremendous support to PREPA and our fellow citizens in Puerto Rico."

Dominion Energy also was recognized for its work in the wake of the March 1, 2018 Nor'easter wind storm that disrupted service to 690,000 customers in Virginia. Because of peak wind gusts of 60-70 mph that caused severe damage in some areas, this restoration event became a rebuild effort rather than a repair event. More than 500 poles and 1,135 crossarms were replaced, as well as thousands of miles of downed wires and overhead conductors. Power was restored to all customers in five days.


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EEI is the association that represents all U.S. investor-owned electric companies. Its members provide electricity for 220 million Americans, and operate in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.


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