Annual Appliance Inspections, Home Assessments Help Provide Safe, Economical Year-round Comfort

CLEVELAND, Oct. 12, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Dominion Energy Ohio reminds customers that an annual professional inspection of their furnace and other natural gas appliances can help ensure year-round safety, comfort and economy.

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This fall Dominion Energy Ohio is offering home energy assessments for just $50 through its Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® program. This service, administered by CLEAResult, includes a free carbon monoxide (CO) detector, water heater pipe wrap, an energy-saving shower head and kitchen and bathroom faucet aerators. For an additional fee, customers may choose to have a smart, programmable thermostat installed at the discounted price of $50. More details are available at the .

Besides helping customers receive maximum value for their energy dollars, an annual appliance inspection, by a qualified, reputable contractor, may prevent any potential carbon monoxide problems. CO detectors provide a second line of defense, but they should not be used as a substitute for an annual furnace inspection. Combined with an annual inspection, CO detectors, placed in each bedroom, can offer additional peace of mind.

While checking a furnace, the contractor should make a visual inspection of all vents, heat exchangers and motors. Dominion Energy Ohio notes that a thorough inspection should include:

  • Lubricating the blower bearings and blower motor as recommended by the manufacturer;
  • Visually inspecting all vents, the heat exchanger and filters;
  • Checking the pilot light if the furnace has one;
  • Cleaning and checking the flame sensor on higher-efficiency furnaces with electronic ignition;
  • Cleaning the main burners, clearing the furnace area of any dust or combustible materials and cleaning dust from the blower compartment;
  • Testing the thermostat to ensure the heating system works as it should;
  • Checking the safety components on the heating equipment, such as limit controls and pilot safety and pressure switches.
  • Insuring that appliance installations conform to current codes, such as: combustion and ventilation air; chimney and associated vents; and use of approved materials, such as gas piping and appurtenances.

Save Energy and Money with Discounted Home Energy Assessments: In addition, the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® program can help customers save energy and money. The program includes a home energy assessment to help diagnose high utility usage and other home comfort issues, and then provides rebates of up to $1,250 for completion of recommended energy-efficiency improvements. Dominion Energy Ohio customers may call 1-877-287-3416 to schedule an assessment or visit for program details and eligibility information.                  

The program is open to all eligible Dominion Energy Ohio residential customers, who use natural gas for their primary heat source, and who have an active account in an individually metered, single-family, or multi-family dwelling with no more than 4 individually metered units.

The assessment is the first step in the program. An energy auditor visits customers' homes to help pinpoint energy losses through diagnostic testing and a professional evaluation. Following the energy assessment, customers receive a customized energy report with the results, plus recommendations and rebates available through the program.

Recommended improvements typically include air sealing and insulation, HVAC equipment upgrades, window and door replacements, plus much more. These improvements can help customers decrease utility bills, while increasing home comfort, safety, durability and resale value.

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