Dominion Energy Offers 10 Tips to Help Customers Hold Down Energy Costs this Winter

GASTONIA, N.C. (Dec. 15, 2020) — With the first day of winter only a week away, Dominion Energy is providing tips to help customers be more energy efficient while they continue to enjoy the warmth and comfort of natural gas.

"Customers may be using natural gas for longer periods of time to keep warm while they work and learn from home," said Shaun Randall, vice president of gas operations for Dominion Energy North Carolina’s natural gas business. "Managing the thermostat wisely and other simple tips can help customers reduce their energy use and costs."

Customers can manage heating costs without sacrificing warmth:

  1. Begin with the thermostat. Set the thermostat to a comfortable 68 degrees during the day and lower while sleeping or when away from home. A programmable or smart thermostat can automatically lower the temperature to maximize savings.
  2. Layer up. Consider wearing comfortable, cozy clothing and extra layers for additional warmth.
  3. Check doors and windows for drafts. Caulk around windows and replace old weather stripping around doors to keep cold air out.
  4. Replace air filters regularly. Dirty air filters can increase energy usage, damage the heating system and compromise air quality. Experts recommend changing air filters monthly.
  5. Let the light in. On sunny days, open curtains on sun-facing windows to allow sunlight to naturally heat the home. Close them at night to reduce any drafts.
  6. Measure attic insulation. Ensure insulation it is at least 12 inches deep. Add more insulation (R-38 or higher) if needed.

Customers who cook with natural gas can save energy while making their favorite dishes:

  1. Preheat for 10 minutes. Only preheat a natural gas oven when necessary or for approximately 10 minutes. Preheating for any longer only wastes natural gas and will not preheat any faster.
  2. Avoid opening the oven. Every time the door of an oven is opened, more natural gas is used to replace the heat lost.
  3. Cover dishes. Cover pots, pans and casserole dishes as much as possible to reduce cooking time and natural gas use.
  4. Cook an entire meal in the oven. Save energy by cooking multiple dishes in the oven to minimize the amount of time needed to have the heat on.

Dominion Energy remains committed to finding the options that best fit its customers’ budget and needs. Many assistance options can be conveniently accessed 24/7 through a customer’s online account or Dominion Energy’s mobile app. Options include:

  • Payment plans: Both short-term payment extensions and long-term payment plans are available. Dominion Energy is currently offering a special installment plan that spreads past due balances over a 12-month period, with no interest charges.
  • Payment assistance: Assistance is offered through Heat Care, the company’s customer assistance program. Dominion Energy has provided additional funding to help support qualified low-income, disabled and elderly individuals. To see if customers qualify for assistance through Heat Care, they should contact a local Salvation Army. Customers can also check for available assistance from their local community action agency. Customers can visit or simply dial 2-1-1 to locate assistance agencies in their area.

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