Dominion Energy Virginia Offers Energy-Saving Tips, Programs and Bill Payment Assistance for Summer

RICHMOND, Va., July 1, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- It's summer, and the hot weather is here. Dominion Energy Virginia is reminding customers of simple energy-saving tips, as well as all the programs that help customers save even more on their energy use and provide bill payment assistance for those in need.

"Air conditioning is the most energy intensive appliance in your home, so our customers use a lot more energy when it's hot outside," said Ed Baine, President of Dominion Energy Virginia. "Simple things like setting your thermostat a few degrees higher, using ceiling fans and closing your blinds can make a real difference in reducing your power bill. We offer a number of energy-saving programs that can lower your energy use even more, and we also provide bill payment assistance to our customers in need."

Energy-Saving Tips

Here are a few easy ways to save on the energy use in your home:

  • Set your thermostat a few degrees higher than normal when you're home. Each degree can make a real difference in your energy usage and your power bill.
  • When you leave home, turn up your thermostat a few more degrees. Small adjustments throughout the day can save you money.
  • Keep window shades closed during the hottest parts of the day. Sunny windows increase the temperature of your home, which makes your air conditioning unit work harder and uses more energy.
  • Set your ceiling fans to spin counterclockwise. This creates a cool breeze in your home and reduces the amount of energy your air conditioning unit needs.

For more ways to save visit

Energy-Saving Programs and Bill Payment Assistance

Dominion Energy offers a number of programs that help customers save even more on their energy use, as well as bill payment assistance for customers in need:

  • Virtual Energy Audits
    Find out how you could improve your home's energy efficiency by completing a Virtual Energy Audit. You'll also receive an energy savings kit at no cost. To learn more visit
  • Energy Usage Alerts
    Sign up for free Energy Alerts and avoid a surprising bill. You'll receive an email, text or both when your energy usage exceeds the threshold you set. This gives you more time to conserve energy before the bill arrives. To learn more visit
  • Budget Billing
    Our budget billing program helps customers avoid seasonal fluctuations with their power bills. Monthly budget bill amounts are based on the average of the customer's previous 12 months of usage. Customers may sign into to their account online to see if they qualify.
  • Percentage of Income Payment Plan (PIPP)
    PIPP is a new year-round bill assistance program for low-income customers. Customers below 150% of the federal poverty level are eligible to have their monthly power bill capped at 6-10% of their income, depending on their primary heat source. For more information visit
  • EnergyShare Bill Payment Assistance
    The EnergyShare program offers up to $300 in bill payment assistance from June 1 through September 30. The program is not income-based, so anyone in need of assistance may qualify. To learn more visit Virginia 211.
  • EnergyShare Weatherization Programs
    Customers who receive EnergyShare bill payment assistance may also be eligible to receive a free home energy assessment and free energy efficiency upgrades to save on their energy costs.
  • Extended Payment Plans
    We offer extended payment plans to help customers who've fallen behind on their bills. Eligible customers can make a 50% down payment on their past due bill and spread the remaining balance over 6 months. Customers may sign into their account online to see if they qualify.


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