More clean energy opportunities for North Carolina consumers

GreenTherm program to help customers reduce their environmental impact
Expanded conservation programs to help customers lower energy use and monthly bills
Hydrogen pilot project to advance new clean energy source

GASTONIA, N.C. (April 14, 2021) – More clean energy opportunities could soon be on the way to North Carolina homes and businesses. Earlier this month, Dominion Energy North Carolina proposed several new clean energy programs to the North Carolina Utilities Commission. The programs would help reduce customers’ environmental impact, lower their energy use and bills, and advance new clean energy sources like renewable natural gas and hydrogen.

“We’re imagining all the ways we can help our customers be part of the clean energy economy,” said Shaun Randall, General Manager at Dominion Energy North Carolina Gas. “Our service will always be affordable and reliable, and with these programs it will be cleaner and better for the environment,” Randall continued. “Our customers deserve a clean environment and easy ways to save. We’re delivering on that promise.”

Reducing Environmental Impact

The proposed GreenThermSM program would allow customers to voluntarily support renewable natural gas and other projects that reduce emissions from farms, food waste and other sources. By supporting these projects, customers can reduce their environmental impact, make the air cleaner and help combat climate change.

The program is simple and easy. Customers can voluntarily purchase “blocks” of environmental credits from these projects on their monthly bill. If approved, GreenTherm would work similarly to an existing program for Dominion Energy’s Utah customers. In Utah, each $5 block reduces the average residential customers’ environmental impact by 7.5%. Customers can completely offset their carbon footprint by purchasing about 13 blocks per month. Learn more about the Dominion Energy Utah program.

Lowering Energy Use and Monthly Bills

The cleanest and most affordable energy is the energy we never use. That’s why Dominion Energy is proposing a significant expansion of its energy conservation programs to help customers use less energy and save on their monthly bills. These programs offer customer rebates for more energy efficient appliances, as well as weatherization programs for low-income customers. Learn more about Dominion Energy North Carolina’s existing conservation programs.

Advancing New Clean Energy Sources

Dominion Energy is advancing the use of hydrogen, a new clean energy source that could significantly reduce emissions from customers’ homes. When produced using excess energy from solar, wind or nuclear, hydrogen produces zero greenhouse gas emissions and can be blended with natural gas to heat homes and businesses.

The company is proposing a pilot project that would blend 5 percent hydrogen in a test system at a training facility. The project would be a first step toward making this new clean energy source available to its gas customers in North Carolina. Learn more about the environmental and consumer benefits of hydrogen.

The company anticipates the Commission will issue its decision on these programs in the late fall. If approved by the Commission, the programs would begin rolling out this fall and into next year.

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