DVI Partners with NV Energy for CVR Volt/VAR Optimization Pilot to Determine Energy Savings for Customers

• Pilot deployed across five substations to validate technology and measure energy savings for one year
• Project selected after investigation by the Nevada PUC to determine customer benefits of CVR/VVO
• NV Energy customers to benefit from program without change in electricity consumption habits

RICHMOND, Va. – Dominion Voltage Inc. (DVI), a grid optimization subsidiary of Dominion Resources Inc. (NYSE: D), announced that a voltage optimization pilot went live this month in Las Vegas to help NV Energy execute on its Smart Grid Strategy.

“The EDGE® suite of products delivers savings to both the utility and the customer by optimizing the distribution system voltage,” said Todd Headlee, executive director of DVI. “It’s the ideal solution for achieving energy efficiency and the only solution available that uses AMI data for grid optimization. Using the AMI meter as the voltage sensor offers a distinct advantage over the other methods, because it offers the highest level of reliable savings at the lowest cost.”

DVI was awarded the pilot through a competitive bid process. The pilot will precisely control the voltage levels at five substations, encompassing approximately 60,000 customers in the Las Vegas metropolitan area. The goal is to determine the potential for energy savings and demand reductions driven by AMI-based voltage adjustments.

About DVI

DVI is a leading provider of grid analytics and control technology, providing solutions for energy efficiency, demand response, volt/VAR control, and system reliability. DVI’s patented approach plans, manages and validates utilities’ investments in grid optimization programs while delivering significant savings to both utilities and their customers (U.S. patents 8437883 and 8577510, and other U.S. and foreign patents pending). For more information about DVI, visit www.dvigridsolutions.com.

About Dominion

Dominion (NYSE: D) is one of the nation’s largest producers and transporters of energy, with a portfolio of approximately 24,400 megawatts of generation, 12,200 miles of natural gas transmission, gathering and storage pipeline, and 6,490 miles of electric transmission lines.  Dominion operates one of the nation’s largest natural gas storage systems with 928 billion cubic feet of storage capacity and serves utility and retail energy customers in 14 states. For more information about Dominion, visit the company's website at www.dom.com.

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CONTACT:     Janell Hancock, DVI, (804) 771-6115, janell.m.hancock@dom.com