Small Fire Extinguished at Millstone Unit 2; No Danger to Employees, Public

January 14, 2005

WATERFORD, Conn. – Employees at Millstone Power Station extinguished a small fire inside the Unit 2 turbine building Friday morning. The fire posed no danger to employees or the public, and there was no release of radiation. Unit 2 continued to operate safely at full power.

Dominion Generation, the unit of Dominion (NYSE: D) that operates the station, declared an emergency at 10:11 a.m. Friday. The emergency was classified as A Notice of Unusual Event, which is the lowest of four emergency classifications used by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Federal, state and local authorities were notified, but no offsite assistance was required because Millstone employees extinguished the fire.

The fire occurred in the turbine building, which is separate and apart from the containment structure that houses the reactor. Dominion is investigating the cause of the 30-minute fire.

The operation of Millstone Unit 3 was not affected. Employees not involved in the operation of the units or the investigation were excused for the day and allowed to leave the station.

Dominion is one of the nation's largest producers of energy, with an energy portfolio of about 28,340 megawatts of generation. Dominion also serves retail energy customers in eight states. For more information about Dominion, visit the company's Web site at

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