Dominion East Ohio Customers Can Now View And Pay Gas Bill Online

August 12, 2002

Dominion East Ohio's new electronic billing and payment service lets customers view their gas bills and make online payments through the company's Web site at

Called Dominion eBill, the service is free, convenient and secure. Instead of receiving paper bills and writing checks, customers who enroll in the plan get an electronic bill online. This offers customers the ability for online monitoring and comparing monthly energy usage without the filing associated with conventional paper bills. Once customers sign up, Dominion East Ohio will send them an e-mail message each month telling them their bill is available for viewing.

"Dominion East Ohio wants to provide options and make bill paying as convenient as possible for our customers," said Edgar M. Roach Jr., president and chief executive officer. "Dominion eBill allows customers to bypass the traditional paper bills and postage stamps."

Best of all, customers still control how much they pay and when. Customers simply specify their payment amount and payment date, and the payment is electronically deducted from their bank account. If customers already participate in the company's Automatic Payment Plan, they can still choose to view their bill online through this service.

Customers can also choose to pay by a credit card or debit card on the company's Web site or by a bank account through an eBill provider. These providers, however, may charge a fee for the service.

To access Dominion eBill, customers should go to and enter the keyword eBill. Customers can enroll or view an online demonstration which shows snapshots of the Dominion eBill enrollment pages, sample eBills for customers and an example of the "My Profile" area where customers can update their Dominion eBill information at any time.

After a customer receives their first eBill, Dominion East Ohio will discontinue sending a paper bill. Customers who use eBill can discontinue the electronic payment method, and return to a paper bill at anytime. For more information, e-mail Dominion East Ohio at

Dominion is one of the nation's largest producers of energy, with a production capability of more than 3 trillion British thermal units of energy per day. Dominion also serves 3.9 million franchise natural gas and electric customers in five states. For more information about Dominion, visit the company's web site at


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