More North Carolinians Benefitting from Natural Gas Service In Homes and Businesses

- Over 100,000 new service connections in Dominion Energy North Carolina territory since 2013
- Company celebrates 600,000th customer with new natural gas grill for Raleigh-area homeowners
- Consumers enjoy low-cost, reliability and convenience of natural gas cooking, heating and use in manufacturing
Families like the Macarios remind us that our mission is so much more than providing affordable and reliable energy...

GASTONIA, N.C. — More North Carolinians are signing up every day for natural gas service in their homes and businesses.

Michael and Lisa Macario, who recently purchased a new home in Fuquay-Varina, are one of 100,000 North Carolinians who have signed up for natural gas service in the last 7 years. Little did the Macario’s know that not only would they be celebrating this holiday season in their new home, but also with a new natural gas grill from Dominion Energy North Carolina. The company made the donation to celebrate the Macario’s as their 600,000th natural gas customer in the state.

Like many homeowners in central and western North Carolina, the Macario’s prefer the low cost, comfort and convenience of natural gas cooking and heating in their home.

“When we found our new home, we were thrilled it had natural gas cooking and heating,” said Michael Macario. “There’s nothing like cooking with natural gas, and we really like how affordable the heating bills are,” Macario continued. “We’re excited to celebrate the holiday season in our new home and doing what we love – cooking our favorite holiday meals with family. We were already excited about our new gas stove top and oven but having a new gas grill really puts a bow on top of an amazing adventure for us.”

For years the Macario’s have hosted Michael’s colleagues from the Raleigh Police Training Center for the holidays. Many of the recruits are away from home and enjoy having a place to spend the holidays with friends and colleagues. This year will be different than years past with social distancing and outdoor gatherings, but with their new home and gas cooking appliances, the Macario’s say this holiday season will still be one to remember.

“The Macarios will be cooking like the pros during the holidays, and we’re thrilled to have played a part in it,” said Shaun Randall, vice president of gas operations for Dominion Energy North Carolina. “Families like the Macarios remind us that our mission is so much more than providing affordable and reliable energy. We’re providing the comforts that make home a special place, where memories with friends and family are made.”

Residential customers are not the only ones who are taking advantage of natural gas. Commercial businesses and manufacturers also rely on natural gas to heat their buildings and power many of the industrial processes in their facilities. Natural gas service remains one of the most powerful recruitment tools that economic developers use to attract businesses to the state and to help existing businesses expand their operations.

Steve Dailey, president of NGK Ceramics USA, INC., one of Dominion Energy North Carolina’s industrial customers, agrees natural gas is vitally important for manufacturing. "Natural gas is a critical element in our process,” said Dailey. “We prefer natural gas because it is clean, efficient and a great value.”

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