Restaurants Use Natural Gas Heating Solutions for Outdoor Diners

Natural gas allows patrons to stay safe and warm

Outdoor heating with gas allows patrons to safely dine outside.


Outdoor dining at restaurants continues to be popular, even on chilly days, thanks to natural gas. Many restaurants are using natural gas to fuel infrared heaters, fire pits, fire tables and more to ensure customers enjoy a cozy, warm and safe dining experience.

Rich Cundiff, the owner of Rocky's Hot Chicken Shack, has two locations in Asheville, N.C. With the safety and comfort of his customers top of mind, he selected natural gas space heaters from Dominion Energy North Carolina as they were the most effective heating solution for his business.

"Without heat in my patios, I would be limited to only doing take-out business this winter. Having patio heat has made all the difference for us as we have a safe, warm space in which our guests can relax and enjoy dining "out.," said Cundiff.


"Our patrons have thanked us repeatedly for giving them a choice—besides take out," Cundiff adds.